Merging two or more metropolitan Local Governments is a difficult undertaking. From an operational perspective, the key to successful Local Government reform will be the development and application of a robust, simple, effective and compliant framework that guides and supports Local Governments through the challenging and complex process of change.

To support the Local Government reform process, an online Local Government Reform Toolkit has been developed. The key objective of the Local Government Reform Toolkit is to enable the creation of stronger Local Governments that will provide the best possible services to residents with maximum efficiency – and modern, resilient Councils able to meet the needs of a rapidly growing city.

The aims of the Toolkit are to:

  1. Encourage constructive conversations and debate at a local level;
  2. Provide a practical level of detail on the key elements of reform; and
  3. Encourage and nurture innovation, continuous improvement and a better practice approach to how we do business.

The Toolkit is a practical, hands-on guide to assist Local Governments in navigating the numerous tasks that must be managed between now and 1 July 2015, and beyond. It provides Local Governments with a step-by step process to understanding and effectively managing the transitional stages of structural reform.

The Toolkit is not the “silver bullet” of reform. Reform success will come as a result of the tenacity, diligence, commitment and leadership displayed by all involved.

The Toolkit can be modified at any time so if your Local Government wants to share their experiences and contribute material to the Toolkit, contact us at toolkit@reformtoolkit.com.au.