How to use the site

The online Toolkit is organised into the four stages of the transition process – Stage 1 Review; Stage 2 Plan; Stage 3 Mobilise; and Stage 4 Implement.

While some activities may overlap multiple stages and timeframes may vary for individual circumstances, these Stages are intended to set the pace for Local Governments to meet the 1 July 2015 amalgamation/boundary adjustment deadline with minimal disruption to communities.

Within each Stage, core activities have been identified and grouped by function i.e. finance, human resources, waste management. Where applicable, attachments (supporting material) are provided to assist and include templates, checklists, case studies and sample documents from other Local Governments. Hyperlinks are also provided to existing information and additional resources.

Users of the online Toolkit have several ways of searching for, and accessing information in the Toolkit.

Click and Go

Search by FUNCTION

  1. Step 1: From the Jigsaw Puzzle, select the Function of your choice.
  2. Step 2: Select the Sub-function that you wish to explore.
  3. Step 3: Select which Stage you would like to view – you have the option of all four stages or individual stages.

Look out for the Functions with the red banner as these have been identified as high risk and should be managed closely due to the nature and desired outcomes of the Sub-functions.

Search by STAGE

The Stage search function allows you to gain an overall summary of the activities that are required for a specific Stage.

  1. Step 1: Scroll down the page past the Jigsaw Puzzle and click on one of the four Stages that you wish to explore.
  2. Step 2: Scroll down the full list of Functions specific to that particular Stage and select accordingly.


Once you have entered the Sub-function page, you can click on any Stage that you wish to view. You can move between the Stages by clicking on the specific Stage key in the Quick Navigation section.

Supporting Material

To provide users with additional information and support, click on [supporting material] and this will provide a full list of all the supporting material available for the specific Sub-function. The material has icons which represent the type of information available. You can access the supporting material from the sub-function menu or from the individual Stages. Different types of supporting material are identified by unique icons as follows:

Checklist Diagram Checklist

External Website Examples and better practice from other Local Governments.

Internal Function Link to another Function within the Toolkit that supports / integrates with the Sub-function.

Non-link text reference Reference to information only – no hyperlink provided

Plan/Document Spreadsheet

Reading Material General Reading Information

Template Templates

Easy and Quick Navigation

You can return to the main search page (Jigsaw Puzzle) or return to the Sub-function at anytime by clicking on the corresponding tab in the Quick Navigation section. Also, the Reform Toolkit logo at the top of the page takes you back to the home page.

Feedback, improvements and sharing better practice

If you would like to share information, your experiences (positive and constructive) or examples of tools that you have developed to assist your organisation through the change process, please send your comments or documents to We will also highlight all new material on the home page in the Latest News section.

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