Stage 1 - Now until July 2014

The Review Stage refers to current state and identifying what takes place within the existing local governments. The overall aims of the activities and tasks undertaken during Stage 1 are to identify, review, audit and document all the current activities and information such as processes, frameworks, policies, databases and plans that exist within each local government and to identify the common and distinct features of those activities and items.

The Governor’s Orders have not been released at this point and therefore it is essential that this time is used to review and collate as much information as possible about the current state.

The inventory of information collated will assist staff in understanding and determining the areas that require further analysis and planning, key risks, resources required and time frames necessary to complete the tasks effectively in readiness for Stage 2. The due diligence process will begin along with the establishment of key working groups, overall project planning, confirmation of governance structures and the identification of project leaders. Capturing the costs and benefits of the transition will also be flagged during the due diligence process.

Key Milestones during Stage 1 

Milestone Details
MilestoneDue Date
Establish on overarching transition project plan. ASAP
Establish Internal and external communications plans. ASAP
Recommendations are submitted to the LGAB and are
reflected in the Wards and Consequential directions of the Governors Orders.
Due Diligence Report is completed. July 2014