Stage 2 - August 2014 to March 2015

During this stage, local governments will know how they are affected by the reform changes and with which other local governments they will be merging.

Stage 2 is focused on the exploration, analysis, consolidation and integration of data from the amalgamating partners which will inform decision-making and the development of key plans and strategies. The due diligence process continues as well as the review of services, service delivery, organisational and staffing structures. Consultation with communities, stakeholders and employees continues in addition to regular reporting and risk management. Achievement of milestones and time-critical tasks is paramount

Key Milestones during Stage 2

Milestone Details
MilestoneDue Date
Announcement of the new entities is made. Governors Orders are issued and gazetted. August 2014
Impact of boundary changes upon asset ownership and liabilities is clarified. August 2014
Consolidate merging partners Corporate Business Plans (CBP). October 2014
Interim service delivery model is finalised. December 2014
Interim organisation and staffing structure is finalised. January 2015