Stage 3 – April 2015 to June 2015

The countdown begins...

During this stage, the organisation will need to finalise the interim service delivery model and interim organisational and staffing structures. Consolidation of the Corporate Business Plans for the amalgamating entities will also need to be completed so that the annual budget 2015/16 can be finalised.

Communications will begin to shift from a message of preparation to one of implementation. New systems and processes may also be rolled out to support a smooth transition for customers and employees. Preparation will also continue in readiness for the commencement of an interim CEO and Commissioner(s) if necessary.

Key Milestones during Stage 3

Milestone Details
MilestoneDue Date
Staff transmittal, recruitment and redeployment processes are finalised. May 2015
Policies and Delegations consolidated. May 2015
Letters of Appointment. May 2015
Finalisation of the Annual Budget 2015/2016. June 2015
Appointment and commencement of the Commissioner(s) – could commence earlier. June 2015
Appointment of the interim CEO. June 2015