Stage 4 - July 2015 to December 2015 ongoing

History in the making!

July 2015 marks the beginning of a new era and the acknowledgement of the effort and contribution made by all from the merging partners. Implementation is in full swing and will continue for the next six to 12 months.

Managing and supporting the merging of different cultures and norms is a key focus during the implementation stage and will require strong leadership and meaningful engagement with employees. Adjusting local governments will also need to manage the transition as the impact upon employees will be significant with the loss of networks and changes to their workplace environment.

New systems and processes are activated as the workforce begins to adjust to the new structure and way of doing business. For some, it will mean little change and business as usual, for others a more significant level of change with a period of adjustment will be required.

If Commissioner(s) and an interim CEO are appointed, they will commence in their roles. The inaugural meeting of the organisation will take place in July/August 2015 with the annual budget 2015/16, the interim organisational structure and key policies adopted.

The interim CEO or CEO will monitor customer satisfaction levels, the effectiveness of the interim service delivery model and the level of staff engagement. In due course the interim CEO/CEO will commence planning for the October 2015 Council election and the induction program for the newly elected Council, who will then begin the recruitment process for the new CEO if required.

Establishing a vision for the new local government will be paramount and the appointment of the new CEO will see this process continue into late 2015 and beyond.

Key Milestones during Stage 4 

Milestone Details
MilestoneDue Date
Commencement of the Interim CEO July 2015
Changeover Day July 2015
Inaugural meeting of the new entity July/August 2015
Council Elections October 2015
Appointment of new CEO Late 2015/early 2016